Emilio’s Gourmet Popcorn Case Study

A Marriage of History and Flavour

Located within the vibrant Monte Casino in Fourways, Sandton is an inspired popcorn shop. Emilio’s Gourmet Popcorn has gained a loyal fan-base for their premium gourmet popcorn inspired confectionary that is produced with the finest quality ingredients. Our partnership with Emilio’s dates back to 2015 when we designed a distinctive logo that incorporates the style of vintage logograms born in the heyday of the popcorn industry.

Navigating a Taste Adventure

Emilio’s Gourmet Popcorn are proud to be masters in the art and science of Popconrnoogy. Each batch of popcorn they produce is skilfully handcrafted and transports fortunate patrons on a memorable taste adventure. We need to build an identity that is reflective of the entire Emilio’s experience and what it has to offer.

The Challenge

Most consumers have tasted popcorn. For many, it is a common snack they would eat when going to the movies, for instance. It is a standard flavour and texture they have become accustomed to. However, a lot of people are not aware of the experience of gourmet popcorn. We had to find a way to differentiate what people expect from popcorn and the unique adventure of Emilio’s Gourmet Popcorn

The Idea

Refining an identity that seamlessly conveys the brand’s message, creating packages that told a story and designing a website that would be informative and engage audiences

The Result

Since we started working with Emilio’s, we were able to created a strong visual identity for the brand. They are now a recognisable household name amongst Johannesburg taste adventurers and people who visit Monte Casino.