Central Square Case Study

Central Square Case Study


Menlyn Maine has developed a new-to-market lifestyle called Central Square. It is the first Green City in South Africa that aims to be the ultimate in convenient living. As the agency working with Menlyn Maine, we continue to establish an online presence for the brand and its constituent brands. The idea of a Green City is a long-awaited initiative that resonates with a significant number of people. The union between world-class innovation, sustainability and convenience will meet all the expectations of a modern South African consumer.


Sustainability has become a popular idea that is highly publicised and trends such as, ‘going green’ have altered consumer behaviours. There is a portion of the population that has adopted this new lifestyle, however, we wanted to ensure that Central Square’s accessibility to broader markets is not undermined by the alternative lifestyle associated with the brand and the brand’s prevalence is not eroded. We were looking to secure a place in the South African ‘everyday’ conversation by developing a platform and organising relevant content.

The Objective

The objective was to create awareness, as this is a new lifestyle centre that will introduce fresh flavours, sights and activities. Central Square was looking to promote their offering and give potential and current clients a clear idea of who their tenants are. Ultimately Central Square wanted to establish credibility amongst their identified targets.

The Challenge

To broaden the awareness of Central Square amongst the identified target markets we had to seek out what resonates with them and will keep them engaged.

The Idea

South Africa has a large market of environmentally conscious consumers who all turn to the internet for information and entertainment. The idea was to create a strong, innovative and unique website that will communicate the purpose of the Central Square – encapsulating the distinct credo of ‘living full, balanced and responsible lives’ – to the identified target market, who relate with the values.

The Result

Between September (when the site went live) and November 20th, the Central Square website has achieved almost 20 thousand page views. The websites also have a healthy bounce rate average of 32%, which is reflective of the user-friendliness that keeps audiences engaged.