Cybersecurity Case Study: Protecting Sasol’s Online Presence.


Sasol, a prominent integrated energy and chemical company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, faced persistent cybersecurity challenges when hosting and managing their website,


Upon assuming responsibility for the website, our team encountered a recurring issue of cyber attacks, with the website falling victim to hacking approximately every eight weeks. Exploiting the high domain authority, attackers employed tactics such as the cloaked keywords and links hack. This involved the injection of keyword-heavy gibberish pages into the site, adversely affecting its integrity.


Furthermore, the website experienced “hack redirects,” wherein attackers manipulated vulnerabilities to modify site content and install malware. This resulted in visitors being redirected to spammy and potentially harmful web pages, including those peddling phishing scams, adult content, and counterfeit products like Viagra or fake sneakers.


Our comprehensive cybersecurity strategy aimed to eradicate vulnerabilities and fortify the website against future attacks:


  1. Code Cleanup:
  •    Removal of malicious code.
  •    Rigorous checks for SQL injection vulnerabilities.


  1. User Management:
  •    Removal and blocking of outdated user accounts.
  •    Resetting of all previously used API keys and FTP passwords.


  1. Security Measures:
  •    Implementation of strong password policies.
  •    Disabling error reporting to prevent the leakage of sensitive information.
  •    Restricting access to sensitive files outside the root directory.


  1. Firewall Enhancement:
  •    Tightening firewall rules on the existing firewall.
  •    Introduction of a second Website Application Firewall with advanced security features.


  1. Advanced Security Systems:
  •    Implementation of a Website Malware Scanning & Detection system.
  •    Deployment of a Website Uptime Monitoring system.
  •    Integration of an SEO Spam Scanner.


The implemented measures yielded significant improvements:


  • Uptime and Reliability:
  • The website now boasts an impressive 99% uptime, ensuring consistent availability for users.
  • Elimination of Cyber Threats:
  • The website is no longer susceptible to hacking, providing a secure online environment for both Sasol and its users.


By addressing vulnerabilities, fortifying defenses, and implementing proactive security measures, our cybersecurity efforts have transformed Sasol’s website into a resilient and secure digital asset.