How We Generated R30 Million Monthly Revenue With R400K Investment Into Marketing.

Problem statement

Le Morgan is a direct sales company, popularly known for selling exclusive premium pots. When Covid-19 hit early this year, more than 600 of Le Morgan’s sales agents could no longer do their door to door sales activities and shopping centre sales activities because face-to-face interactions were no longer allowed. This resulted in a 70% drop in monthly revenue.


To get back to their normal monthly revenue, Le Morgan appointed BWD to implement their digital expertise to help generate 10 000 leads per month.

The Approach

After doing a brand and digital presence audit, we created a strategy then started off with revamping the brand by shooting and implementing lifestyle photoshoots so that Le Morgan is reflected as the premium brand that it is. This we did over 2 months. The content varied from pictures, videos and cooking lessons with chefs such as Onti Molloyi.

Lifestyle Image

After creating the premium content, we then started with the actual lead generation where we created ads across Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram. Organic content was also created for different social media platforms, SEO was also enhanced. Even in 2020 email marketing is still effective, we also ran a number of email marketing campaigns.

Facebook Advert

Facebook Advert

The Website

The website was also refreshed to reflect the new direction




The process started off slow as we were averaging 3 000 leads per month. However, in the 2nd month of lead generation, our paid media growth hacking strategist did a post mortem of our past activities then implemented conversion rate optimization on the different digital touchpoints such ads and website where we ultimately converted visitors into sales leads.


In the 3rd month, we were doing an average of 10 000 leads per month. The quality of leads was so high that the sales agent’s average closing rate rose to 30%. The average value of a sale is R10 000 which means that with a total investment of R400 000 a month, we were generating a return of R30 million per month.


If you’d like us to assist your company to generate more sales leads, do get in touch with us.



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