Wayde Sponsorship Case Study

T-Systems Wayde van Niekerk Sponsorship

T-Systems Wayde van Niekerk Sponsorship

Earlier this year T-Systems announced that they would be sponsoring Wayde van Niekerk. The athlete was celebrated for his local and international achievements in the 100m, 200m, and 400m events. BWD Advertising was successful in visually communicating the disruptive positioning of T-Systems at the ‘In Touch’ conference and other platforms.

Uniting a Winning Team

One of the reasons for the sponsorship was to assist in the launch of the Wayde van Niekerk Foundation, which seeks to support South African youth and guide them in leveraging their talent. In choosing Wayde van Niekerk, T-Systems South Africa recognised several synergies that made the sponsorship significant. Both Wayde and T-Systems compete on local and global platform and have achieved meaningful success in both areas. Furthermore, both brands operate within very thin margins; one thousandth of a second can be the difference between coming out on top, or second place. We wanted to communicate the link between the two brands effectively.

The Challenge

The partnership has a link with movement and motion. Moving from one point to the next. We had to find a way to ensure that the idea of motion is clearly communicated throughout.

The Idea

To revive content that was created for T-Systems and leverage the quality and standard to produce a new story and message. We edited images and videos of the Olympic champion to energize the message that is communicated. Different effects, such as particles, were used to relay the message of motions.

The Result

The content was used on social media and billboards and was able to garner a lot of social media impressions. The content was able to generate a lot of engagement and was an all-round success.