Wahl TV Commercial.


Wahl intends to produce a Brand Campaign that will serve to reinforce the brand’s presence in the South African Market. It is a brand that is 98 years old, and have been part of our lives for GENERATIONS. Wahl is not restricted to any age, race, culture or surrounding. It is a brand that is TRUSTED and used by EVERYBODY. It is a brand SHAPES every individuals LOOK, an enabler of GROOMING and STYLE.


The SOUND of the Wahl machine is a symbol of new BEGINNINGS and is the single most important VOICE of the BRAND. Our approach for your Brand Campaign is to give the Wahl Brand a CHARACTER that is OMNIPRESENT, REAL, AUTHENTIC, TRUSTED, CURRENT and most importantly SOUTH AFRICAN.


If Wahl could TALK, then THIS is what it would say.


Reinforce the brand’s presence in the South African Market

Big Idea

Since it’s inception, Wahl has proven to be the brand of choice for hair-cutting needs. My understanding of the brand is that it’s innovative, futuristic and forward thinking. I think it’s an all inclusive brand that has over the years proven itself timeless and irreplaceable.

As I approach this commercial, I want to bring out all the important elements that have built the brand. To communicate properly to people from all walks of life, I will use varying personalities to best bring out the core messages of each individual scene. I will treat this commercial as raw testament of how the brand wants to align itself.

Above The Line

TV Commercial

Scene 1

Scene 2


Outdoor Billboard 1

Outdoor Billboard 2


Magazine Ad

Magazine Ad

Behind The Scenes

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Client: Wahl South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Bongani Gosa
Account Director: Sibusiso Radebe
Director: Kenny Mumba
Copywriter: Xolisa Radebe, Dawn
Executive Producer: Simone Bosman
Agency: BWD Advertising (ATL)
Production Company: Molo Sana

Director of Photography:
Executive Producer:
Production Art Director: