4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Video Marketing to Ignite New Growth In Your Business

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Video Marketing to Ignite New Growth In Your Business

Did you know that 67% of consumers and 85% of millennials, defined as people age 18-34, say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video? The question is, how do you get started especially if you hate being in front of the camera or you’re working on a tight budget?

Direct Sales Videos

Well, the first thing is to create direct sales videos around your product or service. And that is as simple as either you or a spokesperson/brand ambassador/influencer jumping in front of a video camera, talking about either your product or service, outlining not just the problem that the consumer is facing in relation to the outcome that your product or service offers, but also outlining specifically, and I mean very specifically, how your product or service is gonna help them solve that problem.

Many people think, “Well, how long should this video be?” It could be anywhere from 6 minutes to 14 minutes long. We’ve found the sweet spot for our campaigns. It’s not necessarily how long it should be, it’s how long it needs to be to actually give the consumer what they want and outline exactly what they get and give them a direct call to action, to take action immediately to really boost your sales. And that comes through not only experience but also experimenting.

When creating videos, we tend to script because we have a very specific formula that we use, but if you’re just getting started out, just get in front of that camera or get a spokesperson/brand ambassador/influencer to talk about the benefits of your product or service.

Explainer Videos

I like explainer videos, the format is exactly the same as a direct sales video, but it’s more an animated video. So it’s moving text or even little animated characters on screen explaining how your product or service impacts customers. The great thing about using an animated video is that it takes you out of picture. So, it’s all up to the animation to really generate those sales results. Therefore it must follow that distinct production process elicit the best results.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials can absolutely work wonders for products or services that aren’t getting conversions right now. There is nothing like social proof and the psychology of selling to drive customers to purchase your products or services.

When it comes to testimonial videos, you obviously have to reach out to existing customers. Clients that are not just happy with your product or service but advocates who are thrilled with your offering. Clients that are happy to take the time to jump in front of a video camera or do a live video call so you can record that testimonial. Because there will be prospective consumers that really want to buy what you have to sell. There are a few little niggly little things that they haven’t been able to tick off logically or even emotionally. That’s preventing them from actually making that transaction. Addressing these in a video testimonial and watch your sales go through the roof.

Educational Videos

The reason for doing educational videos around your subject matter is that it’s not a direct sales pitch but it’s establishing credibility as well as social proof. Boosting educational videos to our targeted audience to make sure that they’re seeing them on a consistent basis and drive most of our interactions through social media platforms.

When creating videos you’re not just building a brand value for your business and also improving your personal brand, your status and your credibility, you’re also generating leads that will eventually lead to sales. And this goes hand-in-hand with two different types of prospects.

The first prospect is one that they will buy immediately off of a direct sales video. The second one is a prospect that will purchase after they’ve received more value out of your business directly. And this works with any products, any service in any industry.

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