Financial Mail Business Essentials Interview

Financial Mail Business Essentials Interview

Video Transcript

BWD is one of a few black-owned, black-run agencies that have capacity, the skills, and the processes to deliver big marketing campaigns successfully.

The company started back in 2006, mainly as a new digital agency. We were doing stuff like websites, explainer videos, social media marketing, and over the years, we’ve evolved into a full-service agency. The marketing industry has always been dominated by big multinational agencies, but it’s important that we exist also as a company because we are black-owned, black-run. We represent pretty much the people that we are also trying to sell to. It’s important also to show that locally, we can also create these big agencies that are able to compete with multinationals.

Most exciting plan is our 10-year plan of things we desire. Ten years from today. BWD Advertising is going to become the biggest and the best independently-owned advertising agency in SA. The center of what we do is the growth of our client, like our mantra, our slogan as a company is “We grow when you grow.” For every client that comes to us, we always ensuring that we can help them grow their company, because in their growth is how we grow as a company.

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