How We Execute Great Corporate Events

In Planning an event, you need to allocate sufficient time for the project to ensure that you produce the best program possible, and mitigate any and all shortcomings. In some instances, when you don’t have enough time for example, it might be best to contact an expert. The types of events that we specialize in are Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Seminars, Gala Dinners, Conferences, Golf Days, Activations and Road Shows.

We now delve into the intricacy of executing a smooth-running event. Here is a general framework of how we approach every new events project. We have also included a recent event we did for Thebe Investment Corp. as a reference for better understanding.


Step 1 Understanding the Client Requirements

Before you get involved in any other activity in events planning, the first thing will be to attend a briefing. This involves meeting up with the organisation that is hosting this event, getting briefed on about the event, the purpose of it, objectives, how the hosts want the event to look, feel and be, when they want the event to happen, etc. The brief will provide organizers with the direction they ought to take when putting the event together.


Step 2 Understanding the Client History

Thebe Investment Corporation was established in 1992 and since then it has not forgotten its primary reason forexistence : To build communities. Communities are made up of people; recognising that it takes organisations with committed people to build communities. The 8th Internal Award Celebration is A Celebration of: Living out the Thebe Culture, values and brand brand,Performance and Excellence.

Step 4 – Understanding the Project Objectives

Objective 1 :


  • To celebrate individuals living out the Thebe Culture
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Performance
  • Teamwork

Objective 2 :


To celebrate and acknowledge the various partnerships that have contributed to the success of Thebe Investment Corporation.

Objective 3 :


To highlight the value and positive contribution the excellence awards have made since inception 8 years ago.

Step 3 – Defining the Target Audience

  • Thebe Group constituents companies’ employees
  • Thebe employees
  • Key Strategic partners
Registration hostess helps a guest sign into the event
Guests enjoying the event proceedings
Guests enjoy a complementary beverage at the venue entrance
Registration hosts at the branded station
Registration hosts helping guests to find their tags
Table arrangement with event gifts and starters before guests are seated
Guests seated enjoying the event proceedings
Guests waiting to go inside network at the venue entrance

Step 5 – Identify Logistics Requirements

If the event is far, logistics for getting to the venue should be organised and finalized. One logistics company is recommended for a big corporate event, it provides order and understanding for all parties.




  • Combination of lifestyle and corporate photographer
  • Capture the business of the evening & some “Kodak moments”
  • Briefed to follow Top Management and their interactions with guests
  • Brief: Event , Publicity, Marketing shots
  • Full event coverage




  • “The best of Ndomiso Ngcobo’s columns. Written over 5 years in his delightfully witty, streetwise and un-PC voice.”
  • A new collection of hallucinations from bestselling author and “Sunday Times Lifestyle” columnist Ndumiso Ngcobo, “Eat, Drink & Blame the Ancestors” features his best work from the last five years updated, revised, reworked, and generally souped-up. Ngcobo is a creative phenomenon of the new South Africa: a one-time corporate lackey who used to write amusing emails for fun in his spare time, which eventually led to two bestselling books. Whether he s consuming fermented beverages and communing with the ancestors, describing life with his terrorist children and skollie dog (RIP Spiderman), or dissecting dung-beetle philosophy with the Men of Thurst, this is the finest and funniest writing in the land.


Registration Process


  • Upon arrival guests will be greated by sounds of a roaming saxophonist serenading the guests as they arrive.
  • Guests will then receive a welcome cocktail.
  • They will then be ushered to the foyer for a seamless electronic registration process.
  • Once guests have registered, they will be handed a name tag to facilitate easier networking.
  • Ushers will direct them to their respective tables with the assistance of floor plans in and around the foyer.
  • Hotel staff will assist with the tagging of all bags, these will be delivered into rooms.

Step 6 – Develop a Concept (in alignment with objectives and logistics)

Creative Thought-Starters


  • Celebratory
  • Memorable
  • Team Spirit
  • High Performance

Creative Rationale The Power of 8…


  • The 8TH instalment of Thebe Investment Corporation is a significant milestone
  • In one word – the number 8 can be described as: “Longevity”
  • A celebration of a crop that is bold – forward thinking – barrier pushing
  • To celebrate the notion that, “People who are empowered, empower others”……since the #8 is made up of two whole circles!

Step 7 – Propose a Theme

Various themes presented should be in line with the objective of the event. It should provide organisations exactly The decided theme will then determine the direction on the entire event

Step 8 – Venue Selection & Layout

Possible venues, pricing, and features are presented until one or two venues are decided upon.

Event invitation sent out digitally
Awards nomination notification
Event name tags for guests
Congratulations Certificate for award recipients
Congratulations Certificate for award recipients
Event programme of the evenings proceedings

Step 9 – Event Collateral

9.1 Design Event Invitations

Invites can now be sent out to attendants at this stage and an RSVP contact should be provided. This will help organisers in estimating how many guests to cater for.

9.2 Design Event Access Cards

For large events, access cards are important for security purpose because they are a means of identifying invited guests. The design of the access cards is an important consideration as it adds to the theme of the event and gets guests excited about the day/night.

9.3 Design Winners Certificate

Certificates are a great way to honour your guests. A beautifully designed certificate is something that guest will take home and be happy to show-off to others. For the Thebe 8th Excellence Awards, we produced high-quality designs for the certificates that represented the standard of the accolade and matched the sophistication of the evening.

9.4 Design Congratulations Letter

When someone is a recipient of an award, it is cause for celebration but also a personal honour. The award is given to show appreciation to an individual for excelling in an specific area. By giving someone a congratulations letter, you are furthering creating value and wishing them well moving forward. We were able to produce elegantly designed congratulations letters for the 8th Excellence Awards for the evening’s recipients, which they could keep to remember the special occasion.

This step might be particularly difficult to execute on your own. If you need to consult with a professional at this point,

Table decor arrangement with event gifts, menu and starters before guests are seated

Step 10 – Decide on Event Décor

A mock-up of the decorations is presented to the client and once changes are implemented (if there were any), the décor can be finalised.


Thebe Décor Reference

Creative rationale:

  • Overall rationale; fresh, earthy, natural and elegant.
  • Large driftwood pieces to be placed in contemporary form along with glass vases with flowers.
  • Colour palette: gold, black and bronze
Dessert choices including fruit salad and an assortment of cakes and sweets
Guests serving themselves at the buffet
Standard starter platters at the tables
Assortment of baked cakes and sweets for dessert

Step 11 – Plan the Menu/ Catering

When deciding on the menu, consider can be sourced locally and is in season at the time of the event. Diversify the menu. Think about what majority of the guests would enjoy, factoring; age, time-of-day, food sophistication, etc. Later on in the planning stage, a food-tasting will happen before the actual event to change (if necessary) and finalize the menu.

Step 12 – Plan for Event Duration

For attendants comfort, if the event will span over some days, the venue decided on should include accommodation. If not, there should be accommodation near the venue that will take in everyone.


  • Review resources and allocate budget
  • Develop risk management plan
Event programme of the evenings proceedings


Step 13 – Create the Event Programme

The program should be detailed and possible speakers are brainstormed. Time allocated to every item on the program should be taken seriously into consideration. Attendees do not want to be kept at an event for too long. The program should also allocate enough time for entertainment and networking.

Stage setup and speaker addresses the guests
MC welcomes the guests to the event as a graffiti artist creates the visual behind him

Step 14 – Execute Concept

  • Once everyone is settled and has taken their seats, the lights in the room go dim.
  • We hear a voice that says:

“Welcome to the 8th Excellence Awards for 2016”

      • “8 is a significant number” as the voice says that, immediately a graffiti artist enters the stage and starts painting the number 8 on the Canvass on stage.
      • The artist continues to write artistically the words synonymous to the number 8 all around the canvass with an accompaniment of a beautiful yet dramatic soundscape.
      • At the end, the voice says “WELCOME TO THE POWER OF 8” – which is now projected on the screens away from the artist.
      • Artist exits the stage and the voice says “Welcome to our MC …

Opening video sequence plays on the stage screen and welcomes guests to the Thebe Excellence Awards

Step 15 – Produce Opening AV Sequence



  • Who is Thebe
  • What do you stand for
  • Your service offerings
  • The role of the awards
  • Challenges that you had to overcome to achieve your current success
  • The road ahead


We propose the use of Video Imagery and Narration by an Actor to capture the narrative in a way that doesn’t just make it a fact sheet account of Thebe’s journey over the past 24 years but can capture how all the milestones achieved have and continue to impact on the lives of people in South Africa & beyond.


Proposed Elements


  • 2D animation
  • 2D motion graphics
  • Music
  • Script
  • Stock footage
  • Audio library
MC welcomes the guests to the event as a graffiti artist creates the visual behind him

Step 16 – Decide on Speakers

Possible speakers are approached and briefed with the event and why they are asked to speak. When all speakers have been confirmed, they can be added to the program.


Proposed MCs for Thebe event:


  • Life strategist
  • Inspirational speaker
  • Conference speaker
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Author
  • TV presenter
  • Radio presenter
  • Entrepreneur
  • Comedian

Video excerpt played on stage as the relevant winner is announced

Video excerpt played on stage as the relevant winner is announced

Step 17 –Produce Awards Announcement Videos

Presenters and award winner stand for a photograph
Winner collects her award and certificate from the stage

Step 18 –Awards and Announcements

Performance by slam poets on stage
Performance by DJ Wandi from Kya FM
Performance by slam poets on stage
Saxophonist performs at the arrival of guests

Step 19 – Consider Entertainment for the Night

Musicians, dancers, disc jockeys, poets, artists, actors…. These are all possible entertainment options for your event. Entertainers need to be booked well in advance for corporate events, since they have tight schedules.


Proposed Event Performances


B & B” is without a doubt one of the most exciting party bands to come out of Jozi. With the right sounds, good looks and the talent to leave any crowd wanting for more.

This dynamic group of performers pride themselves in delivering all your favorite hits in a way that you have never seen or heard it before.


“B & B” have successfully mastered the ability to combine the sounds of Soul, Pop, Funk, RnB, Hip- Hop and House, to create one delicious cocktail fusion for a non-stop party!

B & B” is proud of their outstanding professionalism and individuality, and always strive to deliver on every level.

  • Performance will be interspersed on the programme
  • Performances from stage and amongst guests




We will use a slam poet as part of our entertainment in the telling us the story behind the awards. In an Ambush Style theatre piece where our actors will emerge from foyer. In a conversation with each other about the awards and the type of people we will be honoring on the night.




There is no way a story about South Africa and its history can be told without the use of music as a celebration medium but also as a way of underscoring our
sad and complex past.


Graffiti Artist


Graffiti can symbolize many things, it
depends on the persons personal opinions really. My
personal take on it is that it’s a sign of us (as in the people)

Step 20 – Propose Running Order




Background Music


Background Music


V/O & Dining

Inviting guests to take their designate seats
Back Announces: Plated Starters



Opening: Slam Poetry & Artist – Part 1



Introduction of MC
MC Welcomes Guests & House-keeping



Address by Chairman



Keynote Speaker



Slam Poet Part II: Inspirational



MC – Introduction of Awards


AV & Live

MC – Introduction & Background to the 1st category:


Company Awards


  • Employee Satisfaction Award
  • Most Improved Controlled Company
  • Most Improved Non Controlled Company
  • Best Non-Controlled Company
  • Group Transformation
  • Community Development


Live & Dining

MC Announces Dinner

Background Music





AV & Live

MC – Introduction & Background to the 2nd category:


Individual Awards


  • Leadership Award For Managers
  • Leadership Award For Non-Managers
  • Rookie Award
  • Co-Builder Award
  • Hopola Lapeng Award
  • People’s Choice Award



MC – Introduction & Background to the 3rd category:


Flagship Awards


  • Best CEO Award
  • Best Thebe Company
  • Individual Excellence Award
  • Chairman’s Special Award



Chairman’s Address: Congratulatory Remarks & Vote of Thanks


Live & Dining

MC: Announces Dessert

The twenty steps outlined above can be used as a checklist for your next corporate gathering to ensure that you execute the best possible event and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. For more information or if you require an expert events planning consultation,