We Grow When You Grow

We Grow When You Grow

I know this may sound clichéd, but it’s totally true! “Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution.”

We at BWD were reminded of this again in the past year when we won the Adcock Ingram Allergex Non-Drowsy account. The reason for this is that the pharma space is highly regulated. So, it requires a firm understanding of all the laws and exceptional creativity to effectively promote products within these legal parameters. Follow this link to read our case study and see what we’ve learnt.

Talking about lessons learnt, we also reflected on all the other new accounts that we were fortunate enough to work on in 2018, to determine what we should be doing less of and more of, in the New Year. The industries we worked in, were very diverse, ranging from FMCG, tourism and the public sector, to insurance, business management, construction, manufacturing and enterprise software, to name but a few.

One of the main lessons that we surfaced with, is that the very mantra that drives our business: “We grow when you grow,” applies to every single client we serve, in any sector. Regardless of what industry you are in, as long as we place your goals at the heart of what we do, we will continue to accomplish success, both for our clients and ourselves. So this year, at the start of every project, we will be sure to continue asking that million dollar question: “What it is that you would like to achieve?”

Over the years, we’ve also learnt that you must practise what you preach. The most effective way to make recommendations to other businesses is, therefore, to make sure that you’ve personally tried and tested those recommendations first. For this reason, BWD has just hit the streets. So, when you’re stuck in traffic in and around Joburg and Cape Town, do have a lookout for our street pole ads. To help you spot them quicker, we’ve included some of the street pole advert artworks.

This year we’re also increasing our video blogging content, as we’ll be sharing no less than two per month. The videos will contain useful insights on how to generate more revenue through digital marketing. We’ll make a dedicated effort to not tell you what you already know. Click here to subscribe to our channel.

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The most important lesson that we are taking forward is that notable business growth does not occur by chance, for free, or organically. It requires a dedicated and focused effort, as well as a proportionate financial investment to reach those goals. We’d be honoured to help you get your business to where you want to be in 2019. To make this happen, please prompt your marketing person to get in touch with us to start planning, ASAP.


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